Stickers Of The Paste

- Jul 26, 2017-

Plastic, paper, paper, paper, paper, paper, paper, Stickers paper, paper, paper, paper, paper, paper, paper, paper, paper, paper, paper (CPC / PP / HYL / garnish paper), aluminum foil paper, fragile (security) paper, the US profile paper, cloth standard (Tai Weike / nylon), aluminum foil, Stickers Pearl dragon, sandwich copper plate, thermal paper.

Double glue paper stickers: 80g / m2 and other quantitative selection of double-sided paper to do the surface of the multi-purpose label paper for information labels, bar code printing labels, Stickers especially for high-speed laser printing, but also for inkjet printing.

Use of film: transparent PET translucent PET transparent OPP translucent OPP transparent PVC light white PVC matte white PVC synthetic paper light gold (silver) polyester matte gold (silver) polyester.

The use of plastic: General super-viscose type, Stickers general strong sticky type, cold food strong sticky type, GM and then open type, Stickers fiber and then open type.

Use the end paper: white, blue, yellow gracin paper glassine (or garlic paper onion) kraft paper polyester PET coated paper polyethylene polyethylene.

We usually talk about the label paper for the coated paper, thermal paper, etc. refers to the paper in terms of paper. Tissue paper is the label of the contents of the carrier, Stickers according to its material sub-coated paper, thermal paper, PET, PVC and other categories. The back of the paper is coated with adhesive, Stickers which on the one hand to ensure that the end of paper and tissue paper moderate adhesion, Stickers on the other hand to ensure that the paper was stripped, but also with the stickers with a strong paste.

Material characteristics: no water, no oil, can be torn, Stickers there are dumb, Puguang, light of the points. Scope: carton labels, price labels, asset management records, Stickers ordinary home appliances, such as body labels. Applicable Ribbon: whole wax / semi-wax half-tree. Stickers Optional materials: NTC Glaxing Tong coated paper, NTC yellow backing paper, Avery imported coated paper (both Grazing)

Material characteristics: no water, no oil, can be torn. Scope: more for supermarket electronic scale labels, chemical laboratories. Applicable ribbon: can not be equipped with ribbon. Optional material: NTC thermal paper

Material characteristics: can be waterproof, anti-oil, Stickers can not tear, high temperature, abrasion, matte, Puguang, light of the points (different materials, temperature resistance, oil resistance, water resistance are different). Scope: electronics, Stickers home appliances, automobiles, Stickers chemical and other industries. PET: toughness, crisp and hard, suitable for smooth surface of the items used. PVC: poor toughness, soft and adhesive, suitable for non-flat surface of the object with the logo. Synthetic paper: toughness between the two, applicable to the surface of the bottle with the label. Applicable to the ribbon: need to use the whole resin ribbon (according to the label material and then subdivided with ribbon models)

For example, now very popular car stickers. The so-called car stickers is some of the personalized stickers attached to the body, to achieve the purpose of personalization or reminder. We are on the way to the car, Stickers often see a variety of car stickers, Stickers some of them posted on the door, and some posted on the trunk above. In addition to the personality of the body, this car stickers another role is humorous reminder. For example, in the traffic jam when we often see the front of the car stickers "anxious you gray on the past ~ ~", "Do not Di Di, the more tick the more slowly" and so on. When we see such a dumbfounded stickers when the traffic jams will be a mess.