Stickers Effect

- Aug 03, 2017-

If the remaining stickers glue area is small, you can use glycerin dipped in the above, Stickers repeated hard rub and then wipe with a soft towel. Sometimes can not find glycerin, you can also use the expired cosmetics instead, because we use the daily hand cream, cream, contains a lot of glycerin, Stickers stickers have a good softening effect. With hand cream, snow cream repeatedly coated several times, more stubborn can be painted in the night before 2 times, and so on the first two days and then rub again and again rub, you can slowly peel off, Stickers if there is residual rubber available soft rubber Gently wipe clear.

For a large area of stickers glue residue, Stickers want to get a good effect on the need to use a special solvent. Ethanol, acetylene, glycerol, gasoline, alcohol has a good effect. Clear according to the different use of stickers glue the appropriate solvent, Stickers in the large area before the best use of a small trial, and then a large area for cleaning.

If the back is plastic, paint, Stickers gasoline and alcohol and other solvents can cause surface damage, the use must be careful to avoid damage to the surface.

Remove the label from the alcohol after the cotton was not torn parts, Stickers soften the hardened glue, and then remove the excess paper towel water, and finally wipe with an eraser.

With all kinds of Sassafras face cream, flour and the like skin care products painted on the trademark, after a moment painted on the trademark skin care products after the penetration of the trademark, Stickers gently off on a down, even the offset will not be left.

Towel wet and then stained with toothpaste to wipe.

1, the model water stickers should be the first part of the need to cut from the entire paper, Stickers soaked in warm water for about 1 minute.

2, and then gently try to twist with your fingers. Make sure that the glue between the surface of the plastic film and the backing paper has melted and that the plastic film can be separated and removed from the water.

3, put it on the model need to paste the pattern near the location, with your fingers gently printed with a pattern of plastic film from the end of the paper to slide to the model surface. The bottom paper can be thrown away.

4, the pattern position adjustment is accurate, Stickers with a cotton swab stickers and the residual moisture between the model, Stickers while squeezing residual bubbles. And then placed dry, printed with a variety of signs of plastic water stickers can be firmly attached to the surface of the model.