Paper Bag Claim

- Jul 13, 2017-

The use of paper bags are also many, its use is different, Paper Bag the design specifications of different sizes, including the thickness of paper bags have a lot of requirements, Paper Bag so according to the actual situation to customize. As a basis for the composition of the design, Paper Bag formal psychological grasp is very important, from the visual psychology, people disdain the form of monotonous, Paper Bag the pursuit of diverse changes, shopping bags to reflect the company's distinctive characteristics of printing.

Paste made of paper bags as an old handicraft industry, environmentally friendly and durable. Today, paper bags have been designed and printed, has become a variety of high-end goods packaging or gift bags. Paper Bag For the design of paper bags, are generally very simple, as an extension of commodity advertising strategy, highlight the corporate image is the key. And now more and more creative use in the paper bag, Paper Bag printed on the tape with a variety of fun patterns, so quietly become more interesting life.

General printing for bookbinding or carton rolling paste, Paper Bag most of the slightly know the production of the Road, but the production of portable paper bags, perhaps do not understand. Today to give you the introduction of ordinary bags and exquisite shopping bags of the process of making the difference. Paper Bag Together to understand it!

1, ordinary bags

Is a rotary printing bag machine, consistent production operations completed. Its advantage is the production efficiency is fast, the drawback is the paper bag rough and delicate, Paper Bag so most of these paper bags are used in general commodity packaging.

2, exquisite shopping bags

Is printed on a single sheet of paper color, after PP mounted light or bronzing, and then by the bag factory to manual, semi-automatic machine production, and finally with artificial rope tied to mention, Paper Bag to complete the paper bag. Its advantages are: any situation of paper bag can be produced, the disadvantage is the production of slow. This type of high-level shopping bags, mostly for the noble packaging of goods, Paper Bag or as a gift bag, or as a variety of commercial activities of the advertising bag, and finally this fine and beautiful paper bag, have become shopping convenience shopping bags The

There is a kind of traditional paper bag is processed, Paper Bag is hand-folded paper bag, so the bag surface has a broken line, and white plastic dry slow, too much time will overflow rubber slide, so poor bag shape. Now we should be able to distinguish between ordinary portable paper bags and exquisite handbags the difference between the bar!

The production of hand-held paper bags, Paper Bag divided into manual and machine bag. Handbag bags are generally divided into two kinds, one is the ordinary bag, one is the exquisite shopping bags, ordinary paper bag is a rotary printing bag making machine has been completed production. Paper Bag Its advantage is the production efficiency is fast, the drawback is that the paper bag rough is not refined, so most of these paper bags are used in the general commodity packaging. Exquisite shopping bag is not the same, Paper Bag it is a single sheet of paper color printing, after PP mounted light and bronzing. And then by the paper bag factory to manual, semi-automatic machine production, Paper Bag and finally with artificial wear rope knot to do the handle to complete the production. Paper Bag Its advantage is that any form of paper bag can be made, the disadvantage is that the production speed is slow. This exquisite paper bag is mostly used in the noble commodity packaging or gift bags, Paper Bag or as a commercial advertising bags and so on.