Paper Bag A Wider Range

- Jul 26, 2017-

Portable paper bag printing can be said to have a long period of time the process, Paper Bag from the beginning of the simple printing to the present style, Paper Bag brand characteristics of the printing, you can see it's fast development.

First, portable paper bag printing common

1, processing technology

After the printing of the portable paper bag, Paper Bag it is necessary to cover the pressure after the sticky box can be formed. The rope of the portable paper bag can be made of nylon rope, cotton rope or paper rope. If the larger size of the handbag, the need to strengthen the rope at the rivet to tensile strength.

2, the design of common, Paper Bag beautifully designed bag will be put it down, Paper Bag even if the printing of eye-catching trademarks or advertising, customers will be happy to re-use, Paper Bag has become the most efficient and inexpensive advertising carrier.

3, printing common, usually using offset printing. Plastic handbag, the general use of screen printing. Before printing, go through a number of procedures. Paper Bag Need to film, proofing and so on.

4, the product form of common, Paper Bag are "bag" type of print, the primary function is to load items, the secondary function through the surface design printing, play the role of publicity, Paper Bag in special circumstances, but also some other subsidiary functions The

What are the special special prints for portable paper bags?

(1) portable paper bag pearl printing process refers to the use of pearl ink technology, as pearl ink with clam beads natural luster, so the substrate surface smoothness is relatively high, Paper Bag the printing effect is the best.

(2) flexible printing, because the flexible version of the process has a flat, embossed and process common, so the substrate to adapt to a wide range of features, simple structure, high precision.

(3) portable paper bag decals printing process, Paper Bag generally through the indirect transfer of the way to achieve, decals the main process of printing process plate, printing, transfer and post-processing links.

(4) spices ink printing process, Paper Bag spices ink is the spice directly into the ink which has a flexible version of the embossing, and offset printing machine, the method is relatively simple, the disadvantage is difficult to save lasting fragrance.

(5) portable paper bag foam printing process, Paper Bag the so-called foam printing refers to the use of micro-ball foam ink through the screen printing, paper and other printed matter, and then heated to form a ridge-like relief or braille reading method.