Offset Printing Effect

- Jul 13, 2017-

Offset has been in the Chinese printing industry accounted for most of the country, Offset Printing many companies do stickers before the label business, it has been useful to print the experience of offset packaging. Therefore, there are still customers to take the box on the trademark effect to require the label printing business printing the same effect of the label, which is one of the typical situation of offset printing flexo.

The samples provided by the customer are printed with a flexo printing machine with an offset printing device, and the printer itself does not have a similar press, Offset Printing and the offset part must be converted to flexo.

Order hours, with offset printing proofing, but when the order quantity increases, Offset Printing beyond the expected, had to offset flexo printing.

Control inkjet ink balance of the technical difficulty is high, Offset Printing the color stability is far less than flexo, customers often complain about the color error range exceeded, so to flexo to flexo.

Offset to flexo must be offset and flexo must have a full understanding, so that the heart has a bottom, in order to convert success. I follow the experience, Offset Printing sort out the following offset printing method to flexo.

Offset is the only one of the four printing methods of indirect printing, Offset Printing no printing indentation. Flexo is a light kiss printing, the pressure is light, Offset Printing it seems that offset printing flexo seems to be no problem. But some offset press long open flexo opportunities to habitually set the pressure is great, need to prevent.

Offset due to the existence of ink balance, water and ink blend with each other, the edge of the emulsion, so the printed out of the network is not complete, the edge of the virtual. Coupled with the indirect printing, which brought low ink transfer rate, ink color unsaturation and other defects, Offset Printing resulting in the label industry, most of the offset label products shelf effect is not strong. Flexo is a kind of letterpress printing, ink layer thick. Offset Printing From this point of view, offset printing flexo should be no problem. Offset Printing But the flexo ink layer is too thick to cause blockage, the need for printing or printing twice.

Offset version of the line can easily reach 200lpi, the plate on the gradient to the zero point of the network can also be washed out, so the gradient to the net is extremely soft. Flexo printing lines are generally 175lpi, rarely done 200lpi. Flexo version of the network is too small, easy to invade the anilox roller network points, causing blocking version; network is too big network and too obvious, the gradient is not soft. Therefore, Offset Printing at this stage flexo to use high-definition network technology can be comparable to the offset of the gradient effect.

Offset printing network with the size and thickness of the two-dimensional characteristics of the same time. So in a board, due to the local adjustment of the amount of ink, the field can be printed deeper, part of the network can be printed better. While the flexo printing plate size can change, the local ink thickness can not change. But the field needs thick ink, outlets need shallow ink can be printed clearly, Offset Printing beautiful. Therefore, the offset to flexo printing, usually need to field and network outlets to print, so that it is easier to chase the sample. But for 0 to 100% of the gradient color, flexo can not be part of the. At this time, usually need to print two layers to chase the sample, a layer of gradient gradually, printed ink layer shallow, another layer of gradual short, printed ink layer can be slightly thicker, two layers of flexo in the real color is equivalent to A layer of offset color. Offset Printing In this way, offset printing to flexo is very promising.

Offset is generally used square round, the middle tone is the side network, high light and dark tone are round point, slowly evolving transition, 60% of the outlets can avoid jump order.Offset Printing Flexo printed before are generally round point, because the same area, the circumference of the smallest circle, the network is also the smallest expansion. But today's flexo has been too much technical support network is not easy to expand, such as flat top dot technology. So, now flexo can also use a round point to avoid the specific area of the jump order. For example, the middle tone map more, you can use the round dot; more than 60% of the dark tone,Offset Printing you can use a round point.

Offset is generally in the design are four-color overprint, Offset Printing covering the color blocks, text. Flexo is the strength of the spot color stability, flexo to flexo printed on the need to color and text made of spot color, so the color is stable, overprint and accurate. Soft prints red and yellow overprint,Offset Printing  green and yellow overprint is also relatively stable. Do not use magenta, Offset Printing green dot color printing, do not use CMY to overprint gray, otherwise the difficulty increases, easy to control.