Offset Printing Comprehensive

- Jul 04, 2017-

Offset Printing In the offset printing process, any part of the organization may be abnormal, which determines the integration of offset and complex. Among them, Offset Printing the ink bar and ghosting is the more common production of offset printing failure, today Xiaobian will ink bar problem generation and exclusion analysis, hoping to help the reader's production.

In the production of offset printing, Offset Printing ink is more difficult to solve a class of failure, because the ink bar for many reasons and complex, and its forms of expression and varied. For the operator, the identification of the ink bar fault not only have a wealth of experience, but also a good technical skills and operating skills, according to the ink bar to produce the location, thickness, Offset Printing ink bar distance, quantity, color and other specific Characteristics to analyze the causes of ink bars, and to study the corresponding solutions.

Ink roller for a long time and ink, Offset Printing fountain solution and other substances in contact, under the action of friction, the roller surface performance degradation, become very smooth, and gradually aging, loss of elasticity, resulting in its rotation speed Version of the rotation speed of the speed difference, resulting in sliding friction, resulting in ink bar. In addition, Offset Printing if the offset press abnormal vibration will produce irregular and large width of the ink bar.

If you find that the ink roller aging is serious, you need to replace the new roller; the other hand, you can use pumice powder, grinder and other appropriate to wear off the glass surface of the vitrified skin, increase its friction. In addition, it should do the daily maintenance work of offset printing machine, regularly check the key fastening parts of the bolt loosening and wear problems, Offset Printing once discovered, to be immediately repair.

When the drum gear serious wear and tear, the gear backlash widened, Offset Printing the gear will be engaged between the inaccurate, the contact between the drum will be prone to abnormal vibration, resulting in contact with the roller surface friction sliding, resulting in equal spacing ink bar.

① replace the wear of a serious roller gear;

② If the conditions permit, Offset Printing you can appropriately narrow the center of the distance between the drum, so that the gear meshing more tight, in the case of the occurrence of top teeth accident, the gear backlash to 0.1mm or so;

③ replace the soft lining, Offset Printing adjust the pressure between the rollers, the use of micro-adjustment, each increase 0.02mm, until the best value.

(1) the replacement of ink or in the original use of ink by adding appropriate thickeners, such as printing enterprises to use the spot color ink, Offset Printing generally can not be easily replaced, which can be taken to join the thickener method.

(2) If the floating bar is produced by color change, Offset Printing after cleaning the water roller, it is likely that the residual gasoline or kerosene is mixed into the ink, resulting in a change in the structure of the interlinked material in the ink. In this regard, should be re-cleaned water roller, to ensure that its cleanliness standards and then printing.

(3) for the aging of the ink roller should be replaced or grinding treatment.

(4) ink emulsification serious, Offset Printing should be re-cleaned plate, start printing should try to reduce the layout of the water.