Digital Printing The Advantages

- Jul 04, 2017-

Digital Printing At present, the domestic use of digital printing equipment in the digital printing equipment is mainly HPindigo6800 and HP indigo20000 digital printing presses, Digital Printing four generations of models HP indigo20000 such a large digital printing press in mainland China in January 2016 began to introduce, compared to three generations The model HP indigo6800 has the advantage of being wider and faster. In the width of 736mm effective printing pattern width, you can achieve more design, efficiency is also higher, Digital Printing the corresponding cost is lower. Now the normal use of four-color white plus the printing mode, the basic to achieve the majority of design manuscript color reproduction, there are still very few part of the color gamut beyond the scope of the need for such a task of the color curve to adjust or add two Group color to achieve the designer's expected color (HP indigo20000 configuration with seven-color eight-channel, white for the two-channel)

In terms of color, compared to traditional gravure printing, color saturation in terms of digital printing is relatively less, mainly the ink itself, Digital Printing the color density caused by differences. Although the color saturation relative to the traditional gravure printing is not so bright, but for the overall recovery of the manuscript is very strong, the traditional gravure printing because of other external factors are more, such as roller wear, ink viscosity control, ink manufacturers different color inconsistencies , Digital Printing Mixed use of old and new ink, environmental temperature and humidity changes, etc., are likely to lead to color differences, even in the same batch of products due to the ink will add many times the color inconsistency, and digital printing in this regard whether the same batch of products, or different Batches of products, the color difference is very small, Digital Printing multi-batch printing color stability is good, the premise is to do the normal equipment to maintain the stability of equipment and do a good job of color management. There is also an aspect of the color rendering is overprint, Digital Printing spot color and color or color between the overlay, in the traditional gravure printing is required to do overprint expansion, but the digital printing can be achieved zero overprint, the overall color of the original Showing a high degree of resilience.

Cost: the current digital printing machine is the biggest advantage of no plate, eliminating the plate making time and plate making costs. Traditional gravure printing in the plate-making aspects need to spend a lot of time and cost, especially for the current widely used in the high-speed machines, Digital Printing plate-making costs higher, some small quantities of products, integrated costs which accounted for a large part of the fee, some customers Push the new product or marketing, the use of less traditional printing limited, digital printing only need to set the document can be identified as the equipment format, adjust the required size and layout, Digital Printing you can directly enter the machine for printing, the day Manuscripts can be printed on the day of completion, completely to plate time and cost savings down. Of course, the current digital printing printing processing costs are relatively high, which is the current low penetration rate of digital printing is a very important reason, Digital Printing but for some short orders and the need to quickly finished the order, the advantage is very obvious The

Digital printing of variable printing technology, including two parts: part of the variable data, variable data is now the traditional printing can be used online or offline auxiliary platform for variable data printing, such as in the printing press or seized goods, cutting machine , Digital Printing The installation of UV coding equipment on the machine, the connection database for variable data printing, and digital presses only need to enter the manuscript, add variable data in the specified location, can be printed with the pattern, do not need to use other Any platform or equipment, digital printing in the realization of data variable at the same time, the appearance of the data color can also change, can achieve complex rainbow color printing, Digital Printing no repeat color printing; two parts are variable patterns, as long as the customer to provide a sufficient amount of The original map resources can be printed on all the printing patterns on the change, so that each of the printed patterns are not the same, Digital Printing the same resource map can be derived according to different settings N multiple different patterns, which all End is the traditional gravure printing can not be achieved, this technology is called "mosaic printing technology."