Digital Printing Growing

- Jun 21, 2017-

With the continuous development of society, technology continues to progress, all walks of life of the traditional technology are constantly being replaced by new technology, fast printing industry the same. Digital Printing The emergence of digital print, the traditional printing had a huge impact, Digital Printing and gradually replaced the traditional printing. However, many people do not know what is the traditional printing, but also do not know the difference between the two let us to explore the following topic.

Traditional printing production process is very complex, usually before printing through the plate, layout, plate making, proofing and so on the process, Digital Printing so each time the print volume is relatively high, the number is not suitable for print output; and digital Printing is relatively simple and convenient, and computer design drawings, and then the output screen on it, skip the traditional printing of the cumbersome printing process, and the number of no requirements, one can also brush out.

Traditional printing because of its production process and the cumbersome process, the production cycle is usually very long and long; Digital Printing and digital printing operation is very convenient, you can do legislation stand, for those who want to goods urgently customers, not Do not say is a big blessing.

Traditional printing process is complex, each step of the process requires very skilled workers to operate, because there is no professional training or unskilled workers to operate, often resulting in errors and make the product scrapped; digital printing is relatively simple, Digital Printing just need to be based Of the computer operation on it, for the people of the 21st century, the simple operation of the computer is certainly not a problem.

 From the comparison of production of finished products, digital printing is more vivid than the traditional printing color, the text is more clear, the effect relative to the traditional printing to enhance a lot of grades, which is why more and more people choose digital printing, Digital Printing digital printing instead The reason for traditional printing.

Digital presses compared with traditional presses, have the following advantages:

(1) cycle of short digital printing without film, automated prepress preparation, the press directly to provide proofing, eliminating the need for traditional plate, without film, simplifies the plate making process, and eliminates the installed version of the positioning, Digital Printing ink balance and a series The traditional printing process. Digital printing and traditional offset printing process comparison:

(2) the price of digital prints has nothing to do with the cost of printing, the print is generally 50-5000 copies of the printing operations.

(3) digital printing fast and flexible is the traditional printing can not do because the digital printing presses or drums can be real-time image, Digital Printing the file even if the pre-press modification, it will not cause or cause damage. Electronic plates or drums allow you to print each side while changing the image or text of each page.

(4) to facilitate digital connection with the customer printing is made of electronic documents, all documents are transmitted through high-speed long-distance communication, including Internet, the customer and print services organically connected, which is the past No phenomenon.