Digital Printing Development Of

- Jul 13, 2017-

For a long time, digital fast print, Digital Printing books and periodical products are basically only wireless plastic equipment. With the development of product differentiation, more and more fast printing shop to try to develop high-end lock line binding books products. First of all, Digital Printing the A3 sheet with the page, folded into a signature, and then locked line lock line, and finally the package or the shell into hardcover book.

At present in the process, Digital Printing with the page and folded into a signature is a tedious hand to live, Yi Jia prosperity company for this situation, the development of digital pages with automatic folding system, Digital Printing fully automated to complete the signature production.

Intelligent programming, just enter the total number of pages and the number of pages per page, the device will automatically complete with pages. For example, enter 100 pages, 6 pages per post, Digital Printing the system automatically generated 15 stickers * 6 pages, 1 posted 4 pages, and finally 1 post 6 pages, Digital Printing the number of pages will be automatically arranged in the penultimate paste, easy to the back of the lock line process.

Each time the page with the process, Digital Printing the digital distribution machine automatically set the program set the number of pages into the scratchpad, in this process, ultrasonic double sheet detection system to monitor the occurrence of double sheets. Each page with the page to complete, from the temporary re-entry into the wire is not installed into the folding machine, complete the signature of the fold, Digital Printing and in accordance with the order of stacking, ready to lock line.

In more than 2,000 printing enterprises, employing more than 180,000, Digital Printing of which 90% of the traditional offset printing practitioners. This shows that the digital printing industry is the lack of professional skills of the practitioners.

Traditional offset printing to meet the newspapers, Digital Printing books and other large quantities of packaging or commercial print needs, and digital printing can meet the needs of personalized products and on-demand printing. It can be said that digital printing and traditional offset printing are complementary to each other.

Digital printing maintained an annual growth rate of about 20% or more. 2013 total domestic production of color-coded digital printing equipment and high-speed inkjet printing equipment installed capacity reached a total of 4505 units. In the case of a growth rate of total installed capacity, Digital Printing for example, the growth rate in 2010-2012 is more than 40%. In 2012, the growth rate is 29% due to the external economic environment, and the growth rate in 2013 is 36%. Domestic high-end color digital printing presses are mainly concentrated in South China, Digital Printing East China, North China and other developed areas, the ratio was 35%, 33%, 21%.

Digital printing, also known as short board printing, Digital Printing the use of light-emitting diodes on the photosensitive drum for electronic imaging, the digital graphic information directly from the computer for rapid printing. In simple terms, digital printing is directly from the electronic file imaging in the printing media, different from the traditional printing of a new printing. Popular, digital printing is a non-printing, Digital Printing is the electronic file - digital printing press - the process of printing finished products.

1, convenient: digital printing because of saving the film, make-up and copy and other cumbersome processes, in a small amount of printing and emergency has an absolute advantage. All typesetting, Digital Printing design software and office applications generated electronic documents, can be directly output to the digital presses.

2, flexible and efficient: digital printing of a comprehensive digital, so that it can provide customers with more flexible printing methods, that is, while India side change, Digital Printing while changing India India, legislation and other desirable, and truly fast and efficient zero waste.

3, no need to print volume: enjoy high-quality print, do not "from the Indian", one can.